Locked-in - Trapped in one‘s own body

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“Although I was fully conscious, I could establish no contact with the outside world. I was enclosed – Locked in – a prisoner trapped within my own body. In the ambulance I was pronounced dead. I mean, only a few people are fully conscious of their moment of mortality ! ”In March 1995, the 39 yearold physicist Karl-Heinz Pantke suffered a usually fatal brain stroke, resulting in Locked in Syndrome, which led to complete paralysis. Fed by adrip, on an artifi cial respirator, unable to communicate with the outside world for a long time - yet fully conscious. In this book he clearly describes the different phases of his illness and the treatment, and the long journey back to life.









LIS e.V. - Podiumsdiskussion zur Patientenverfügung - Rheinsberg 2010   LIS e.V. - Tagung Rheinsberg 2010



f. l. t. r.: Prof. Niels Birbaumer, Friedemann Knopp,
Dr. Karl-Heinz Pantke, Prof. Andreas Zieger,
Silke Akanaga, Sarah Giersberg und Karin Hohnert
    front r.:  Angela Jansen von ALS-Mobil e.V.