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The Association - LIS e.V. - Help for people with Locked-in-Syndrome

Against the Slowness - Living with the Locked-in-Syndrome -
- Portrait of Michael Sagel

The Locked-in-Syndrome

The whole body is paralyzed. Speaking and swallowing are not possible. Only the eyelids can move. The Anglo-Saxon language named this condition Locked-In-Syndrome. A lot of people with this condition die. The Locked-In-Syndrome can be the consequence of a stroke, suffering from ALS, another sickness and it can also happen as the result of an accident. In former times patients with L.I.S. were treated as bodies without emotions. A terrible mistake! In recent years people have come to realize that, though prolonged treatment, amazing success can be obtained.


Persons who have no access to amazon (from China, Russia etc.) can get a pdf for free. Please send an e-mail with your request to

Locked-in - Trapped in one‘s own body






LIS e.V. - Podiumsdiskussion zur Patientenverf├╝gung - Rheinsberg 2010   LIS e.V. - Tagung Rheinsberg 2010



f. l. t. r.: Prof. Niels Birbaumer, Friedemann Knopp,
Dr. Karl-Heinz Pantke, Prof. Andreas Zieger,
Silke Akanaga, Sarah Giersberg und Karin Hohnert
    front r.:  Angela Jansen von ALS-Mobil e.V.


The LIS Organization

Still today many patients that are admitted to special clinics are not treated. Unfortunately even experts lack an enormous amount of knowledge regarding the process of the sickness.

We want to end it and we decided to found the LIS Organization.

The goals of LIS:

  1. An optimal therapy
  2. A personal meeting with patients and relatives
  3. Concentration on communication possibilieties
  4. Building of an information centre
  5. Forming publication and setting up conventions