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Locked-in - Trapped in one‘s own body
(Locked-in – Gefangen im eigenen Körper)
Karl-Heinz Pantke
Amos Weisz (Translator)

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“Although I was fully conscious, I could establish no contact with the outside world. I was enclosed – Locked in – a prisoner trapped within my own body. In the ambulance I was pronounced dead. I mean, only a few people are fully conscious of their moment of mortality ! ”In March 1995, the 39 yearold physicist Karl-Heinz Pantke suffered a usually fatal brain stroke, resulting in Locked in Syndrome, which led to complete paralysis. Fed by adrip, on an artifi cial respirator, unable to communicate with the outside world for a long time - yet fully conscious. In this book he clearly describes the different phases of his illness and the treatment, and the long journey back to life


In the Blink of an Eye: The Miracle of a True Love Story
Hasso and Catherine von Bredow

Orion Publishing Group (25. Juni 2009)

ISBN-10: 1409100049
ISBN-13: 978-1409100041

In the blink of an eye, Hasso von Bredow's life changed forever. The 42-year-old father of three suffered a massive stroke at the base of his brainstem. Totally paralysed and unable to speak, but with his mind as active as ever, his body became a prison, the blinking of his eyes his only means of communication.
Yet Hasso refused to surrender his will to live, somehow finding - through his humour and love for his family - a strength to persevere against all the odds. Painstakingly written, letter by letter, with the use of state-of-the-art technology and helped only by his wife and carer, Catherine, Hasso's intensely moving and life-affirming memoir is interwoven with Catherine's memories. She remembers the life they shared before the stroke and the shattering effect it had on their lives. In spite of all they faced, the strength of their devotion shines through, and their words open up a world of imagination, courage, humour and most importantly, love.


Philippe and Stéphane Vigand ‎ Only the Eyes Say Yes: A Love Story; (Putain de  silence) Only the Eyes Say Yes: A Love Story
(Putain de silence)
Philippe and Stéphane Vigand ‎

Arcade Publishing; English language ed edition (January 5, 2000)

ISBN-10: 1559705086
ISBN-13: 978-1559705080

On a July morning ten years ago, Philippe Vigand, a young, vigorous, handsome publishing executive, was walking to work when he heard "a gigantic explosion." Strangely, nobody else seemed to have heard it ... for the simple reason that it was in his head. For two months he lay in a coma. When he awoke, he was completely paralyzed, but his mind was intact. He was suffering from locked-in syndrome. After months of hospital care, Philippe was brought home where an infrared Camera enabled him to "speak" and "write" by blinking his eyes. Written in two parts, the first by Philippe using the magic camera, the second by his wife, Stephane, this moving work traces the evolution of the illness and their relationship and shows how love and devotion can overcome almost anything.


The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
(Le scaphandre et le papillon)
Jean-Dominique Bauby

Fourth Estat, 1997

ISBN 10: 1857027795
ISBN 13: 9781857027792

The diary of Jean-Dominique Bauby who, with his left eyelid (the only surviving muscle after a massive stroke) dictated a remarkable book about his experiences locked inside his body. A masterpiece and a bestseller in France.
On 8 December 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a massive stroke and slipped into a coma. When he regained consciousness three weeks later, the only muscle left functioning was in his left eylid although his mind remained as active and alert as it had ever been. He spent most of 1996 writing this book, letter by letter, blinking as an alphabet was repeatedly read out to him. The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly was published in France on Thursday 6th March 1997. It was immediately hailed as a masterpiece. And then, three days later, he died.
The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly, which records Bauby’s lonely existence, is probably the most remarkable book about the triumph of the human spirit, the ability to invent a life for oneself in the most appalling of circumstances, that you will ever read.

Look Up for Yes
Julia Tavalaro and Richard Tayson

Kodansha Amer Inc (1. April 1997)

ISBN-10: 1568361718
ISBN-13: 978-1568361710

Presents the autobiography of a sixty-two-year-old woman who, at age thirty-two, came out of a seven-month-long stroke-induced coma and was conscious for six years before anyone realized she was not brain dead